Sedation Dentistry in Powell, TN

Sedation Dentistry in Powell, TN

Getting dental care is a priority for many people, but for some, the thought of pain, drilling, and even surgery can be overwhelming. Most of us still cringe a little when we hear “root canal.” Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a frightening experience, though. If you have fear or anxiety over visiting the dentist, then now is the time to visit Knoxville Smile Center in Powell, TN, and ask them about sedation dentistry. With the right treatment, even the most difficult procedures will be easier to handle so that you can get all the dental care you need without fear.

Why Do We Need Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation is used in dentistry in cases where a painful procedure like a wisdom tooth extraction is done already. Still, sedation dentistry is a specialty that focuses on those with anxiety and other issues related to visiting the dentist. The aim is to make the patient as comfortable as possible and give them the ability to get the care they need.

In some cases, people with mild nervousness are easy to deal with. In other cases, a patient may have a diagnosed anxiety disorder, and visiting the dentist can trigger them. In the most severe cases, the thought of visiting the dentist may cause panic attacks, even for simple procedures like exams and cleanings.

There are different techniques and levels of sedation for these situations. Your dentist at Knoxville Smile Center in Powell, TN, will evaluate and determine the best method to make you comfortable during your visit so you can receive care.

Types of Sedation

The dentist may choose three main ways to help a patient relax. The first is meditation and stress-reducing techniques. Next is short-acting oral sedatives that leave a patient awake but relaxed during a procedure. The last option is for the most severe cases; a patient is completely sedated for the duration of the procedure they are having done and woken once it is complete.

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