General Dentist in Powell, TN

General Dentist in Powell, TN

At Knoxville Smile Center, we provide gentle, comprehensive care to all patients. As a general dentistry practice, we are the dentist you and your family will see most throughout your life. We offer preventive care as our major focus and also do restorative treatments.

We aim to see families enjoy beautiful, healthy, functional teeth and gums. Our general dentist in Powell, TN, provides a huge array of services backed by the latest technologies in dentistry. You get these services from our dental office:

Exams & Cleanings – We perform X-rays to check for jawbone, teeth, and gums for any concerns. We make sure that before leaving our office, your mouth gets a thorough clean so that we wash away biofilm, debris, and tartar.

Gum Disease Treatment – Our general dentist near you does cleanings involving scaling and planning to scrap off tartar, biofilm, and debris. We clean gum pockets that are a major hiding place for biofilm.

Bruxism Treatment – We treat bruxism or clenching and grinding with mouthguards and mouth splints customized just for you. These plastic sheaths create a shield over the teeth to eliminate direct tooth-on-tooth clenching and grinding.

Root Canal Therapy – Don’t allow infection or damage to tooth pulp to destabilize your life. We treat root canal infections, inflammations, or damages by doing away with the damaged or diseased tissue, cleansing the canals, and placing sealing material.

Tooth Extraction – Our dentist in Powell, TN, only does extraction when it’s the only solution. When the health of neighboring teeth seems to be at stake because of decay on one or two teeth, we extract the diseased ones.

Emergency Dental Care – Our dentist handles emergencies like abscesses, relenting toothaches, excessive or prolonged bleeding after dental surgery, and knocked-out teeth. We can end the pain and ensure comfort.

Mouthguards – We provide custom-fitting mouth devices to protect your teeth and mouth tissue from grinding, clenching, and sports injuries.

Visit Knoxville Smile Center today to consult with our dentist near you. We want your family to be happy and enjoy clean, strong, beautiful teeth and gums.

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