Bone Grafts In Powell, TN

Bone Grafts In Powell, TN

Although dental implants are the most convenient and stable way to replace your missing teeth, their success and stability depend on the density of your jawbone. In some cases, if you don’t have enough jawbone density, dental implants can’t be performed at all. Thankfully, a bone graft for tooth implant can improve jawbone density and make implants possible.

At Knoxville Smile Center, our experienced dentist near you utilizes advanced techniques and materials to perform bone grafts with precision and care.

What Are The Different Types Of Bone Grafts

A bone graft for an implant is a procedure that involves transplanting bone tissue to areas where the bone has been lost or lacks adequate density.

You can opt for different types of bone grafts in Knoxville Smile Center, including-

Autografts: These types of grafts utilize bone from the patient’s own body, typically harvested from areas such as the chin, hip, or shin. Autografts offer excellent compatibility and integration with the surrounding bone.

Allografts: These grafts involve using bone tissue from a donor, which is thoroughly processed and sterilized to ensure safety. Allografts are a convenient option as they eliminate the need for harvesting bone from your own body.

Xenografts: Our dentist in Powell uses bone material from an animal source, usually bovine or porcine, specially treated to ensure biocompatibility and safety.

Synthetic grafts: These utilize biocompatible materials, such as ceramics or calcium-based compounds, which mimic the properties of natural bone and promote bone regeneration.

The type of bone graft teeth implants best for you depends on the degree of bone density loss and your overall health. Dr. Michael J. Solly will help you determine the best method for optimum results during your initial appointment.

What Are The Benefits Of Bone Grafts?

Grafts from our bone graft dental clinic offer several advantages if you consider getting implants to replace lost teeth. Some of the benefits include:

  • Creating a solid foundation for dental implants. A successful bone graft procedure allows dental implants’ secure placement and long-term stability.
  • Helping prevent bone loss, preserving the natural contours of your jawline, and supporting overall facial aesthetics.
  • Providing a stable base for your teeth, improving their function and longevity. It also promotes better oral hygiene practices, as cleaning and maintaining the restored dental structures becomes easier.

Please book an appointment at Knoxville Smile Center to learn more about our bone graft procedure.

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