Why Should You Quickly Deal with Dental Emergencies?

Why Should You Quickly Deal with Dental Emergencies?

When confronting a dental emergency, you or your family endure anxiousness, discomfort, and fear of losing a tooth or more, besides other consequences. When combined, the situation makes you think you must quickly deal with the problem to get a good night’s sleep without concerns.

This blog explains why you must not delay seeking treatment for dental emergencies from the emergency dentist Powell to help you or your family member manage the situation effectively and prevent additional damage to your oral cavity.

What Are Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies are situations when you develop unexpected pain, bleeding, fever, breathing problems, or loss of restorations in your teeth. Some cases need prompt treatment from the emergency dentist near you, offering services beyond office hours and working on holidays to ensure they help you overcome the challenge you confront.

Common Dental Emergencies

  • Toothaches: toothaches can develop from food particles trapped between your teeth even after brushing and flossing or from infections in them, causing holes to damage them permanently. If the tooth pain does not subside within 24 hours, it helps if you receive treatment for the condition from the dentist in Powell. Tooth pain extending beyond 24 hours indicates a severe infection in the tooth needing restoration for the permanent damage. The toothache can aggravate if left untreated, requiring painful, invasive therapies.
  • Abscess: a dental abscess occurs on your gums, appearing like pimples or spots accompanied by excruciating pain in a specific tooth indicating a severe infection inside that needs a root canal or tooth extraction. Root canals have a fearsome reputation and can make you jump out of the dentist’s chair at the very mention of the treatment. However, if you want to preserve your natural tooth receiving a root canal is better than seeking tooth replacement solutions.
  • Knocked-out Tooth: a knocked-out tooth from accidents or impacts on your mouth require emergency dental care near you within 30 minutes if you intend to preserve your natural tooth without needing replacement solutions. You must reach the practice offering emergency care with the tooth in your possession maintained in a moist condition for the dentist to reinsert it into its socket.

Reason for Dealing with Dental Emergencies Quickly

  • Relieves Pain: the Powell dentist ensures relief from the excruciating pain you endure by recommending pain relievers and offering treatment for infections affecting your teeth and gums. They ensure you do not have to spend sleepless nights and can get a good night’s rest to prepare for the day ahead.
  • Reduces Infections Risk: dental emergencies emanating from lost fillings or crowns expose your teeth to other infections from mouth bacteria. The emergency dentist can restore your tooth with fillings and provide a temporary crown to function as an interim replacement until you can get a customized crown from them in three weeks. The dentist’s therapeutic measures help reduce the risk of infections in your mouth.
  • Saves Your Tooth: dental infections start as minor problems but expand silently because your teeth have no mechanism to heal themselves. When conditions in your teeth aggravate, you will need invasive and expensive treatments to correct the problem or get the tooth extracted. However, if you seek timely treatment from the Powell dentist, they can help you preserve your natural tooth by offering remedies providing excellent results.
  • Reduces Costs: if dental visits are expensive, receiving intensive and expensive therapies will likely break the bank. If a dental filling for a cavity costs you X the costs of fixing an untreated hole with a dental abscess requiring a root canal and a dental crown for restoration will put you in debt. However, if you receive timely treatment for minor or significant dental issues from the emergency dentist, they help you reduce costs by offering minimally invasive therapies costing fewer dollars than invasive treatments. Therefore it is best that you seek treatments for dental emergencies quickly instead of allowing the problem to aggravate, making you need expensive therapies to dent your wallet.

Dental emergencies are unpredictable and can occur without warning when least expected. Emergency dentists offer services beyond office hours and on holidays to help you preserve your natural teeth and relieve your discomfort. Therefore whenever you encounter a dental emergency at home, you must seek immediate treatment from Dr. Michael Solly instead of waiting for your regular dentist.

Dental emergencies can make life miserable and anxious. If you are confronting one, Knoxville Smile Center — Michael J Solly, DDS, can help alleviate your discomfort and preserve your tooth without making you wait in a queue by offering quick treatment. Receive the help you need from the dental practice when managing minor or significant dental issues.